Lizzy Glaser

My name is Lizzy Glaser.  I am from the wonderful state of Oklahoma.  I grew up in Mustang where I started my Ice Skating career as a young adolescent.   Ice skating has always been a passion of mine.  I started Ice Skating in 1995.  I skated for 9 years competitively, I have competed in 35 competitions some of which had 3-4 different categories to compete in.  Choreography has always been one of my favorite things to do.  I have also competed at Southwest Regionals 4 times.  I have dance, ballet, jazz and workout training experience all of which I did during my skating career.  I started testing young at the age of 14, and completed my senior moves in the field and Novice free skate.  I skated at Artic Edge in Edmond and being on the ice is where I feel at home.   My coaches were Cindy Tipton, Chris Castleberry and Alana Jones.  My coaches were my back bone and helped me succeed to the fullest.  I currently have been involved for 5 years serving as a Coach and Vice President for a non-funded Organization.  I am moving forward to a new direction that has always been my passion, which is coaching Figure Skating.  I recently became a member of LTS in September of this year.  I’m a member of OKC FSC in Edmond Ok.  I am excited to take on New and Eager students.  I would like my students to become dedicated, hardworking, successful figure skaters on and off the ice.