Dyani Gibson

Dyani Gibson is a registered coach with U.S. Figure Skating and the Professional Skaters Association.  Dyani’s skating career began in Clearwater, Florida and her passion for figure skating has not waivered since her first steps on the ice at the age of twelve.  Dyani has performed and competed as a solo figure skater as well as a member of the local syncronized team.  She is most proud to have the honor of being a national competition medalist. Dyani is currently working toward completion of the U.S. Figure Skating Association Adult track.  Her personal success has transferred invaluably to her coaching career.  She has coached in Arctic Edge’s Learn to Skate program since 2013 and has simultaneously began private coaching.  Dyani is a veteran of the United States Air Force, and is a registered X-Ray and MRI technologist. Dyani specializes in coaching those new to ice skating, and helping to lay a foundation and passion for the sport.  As a skater and mother of a skater, Dyani knows the lessons learned on the ice will help students find a sense of self confidence, awareness, discipline and freedom.