June 6th-August 29th


  • All teams will have a minimum of 8 skaters and a goalie with a maximum of 15 skaters rostered.  
  • All games are played and sanctioned under the USA Hockey Rules (USAHockey.com) and regulations, a valid USA hockey number is required to participate in any league games. If a valid USA hockey number is not provided prior to the 2nd game the player will be unable to play. 
  • Games will have a 3 minute warm up with three 18 minute run time periods.
  • If the game is within a 2 goal difference, the last 2 minutes of the 3rd period will be stop-clock. 
  • Games that end in a tie during the regular season will have a 3 round shootout (no overtime). 
  • Regular season subs cannot be pulled from a higher division (if you are already a registered player you cannot be a sub for a lower ranking team) non registered player’s will have to pay a $30 sub fee through online registration prior to the game. 


  • Payment for the league is expected to be paid in full by June 6th. A $25 late fee will be added if not paid by June 6th. A payment plan will be available, in this plan the first payment will be due June 27th and final payment will be due July 25th. Any player that is not paid in full by July 18th, will not be able to participate until they are paid in full.


  • 3 total penalties within a game will result in a game misconduct and a suspension.
  • 2 major penalties in a game will result in a game misconduct and a suspension.
  • Fighting will result in a game misconduct and a suspension.
  • Verbal or physical abuse of officials will be subject to suspension or removal from the league. 
  • If a goalie is injured purposefully, the offending team will be subject to forfeiting the game and the offending player will be subject to suspension. This forfeit and suspension of the offending player will be based on the League Directors review of the incident.
  • Suspensions are given out on a case by case basis. Repeat offenders and severe infractions are subject to harsher punishment (multi-game suspension/removal from the league).

Playoff rules

  • Subs will only be allowed if they have played at least 4 regular season games, and signed up with online registration, with that team. 
  • In extreme circumstances, where a team needs subs to have a complete roster (8 skaters with a goalie) and they do not have any subs with the 4 game minimum available, they must contact the League Director. They may use up to 3 subs that must be approved by the League Director 24 hours prior to the game. If a non-eligible sub plays in playoffs and is not approved by the League Director, the game is considered forfeited by the offending team.
  • In the event of a tie, there will be one five-minute runtime 3v3 overtime. If the game is still tied at the end of the overtime, the game will go to a 3 round shootout.
  • If a goalie is accidentally injured in the playoffs, the team will have 20 minutes from the incident to have another goalie of equal or lesser skill dressed and ready to play. 


   League Director’s

  Caleb Adams                                           Darryl Rowley

   calebadams28@yahoo.com                    dtrowley@prodigy.net         

                                                                                       (text only) (918) 841-0325                              (405) 408-9889