Adult League Summer 2015


Please make sure to E-mail Andrew your rosters!!!

Payments: We are doing away with the individual fees.  To help streamline the ease of paying and record keeping, we are moving to team fees only.  Each captain will receive an invoice, we aren’t asking each captain to front $2500 for their teams, it is up to each team how they handle collecting this money.  All the fees should be paid to Gerika at Arctic Edge from now on.  Gerika will now serve as the treasurer for the OKCAHL.  The team fee should be paid on or before May 27th,  if your team has not paid the $2500 due you will not be scheduled to play.  If you have any questions regarding this change don’t hesitate to contact me.
Player Cards:  We will be issuing player cards to each player listed on the rosters turned in before the start of the season.  Players will need to bring these cards with them each week to check-in before there game.  If a players doesn’t have there card they will not be permitted on the ice.  The scorekeepers will check the number of players compared to cards handed in and if there is a discrepancy play will be halted and the score clock will run until the issue is resolved.  If a player receives any penalty that falls under a suspension they will not receive there card back after the game.  The card will be turned into me and that player will have to come visit me to get there card back.  If a player is caught using someone else’s card, both players will be suspended for the remaining part of the season.
Rosters:  All the information must be completed on the roster templates.  Incomplete rosters will not be accepted.  No more subs, period.  The team fee covers 15 players.  That is more than enough to field a team each week.  The players jersey number must match what is turned in to us and what is on there card.  All rosters are due May 27th.


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